Balance deadlines, productivity, budget, and bench space with the Keysight P9336A Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG), a member of Keysight’s Streamline Series. You’ll move confidently across every stage of your product’s development lifecycle by leveraging accurate and repeatable measurements, automated code capability, and a consistent, intuitive user experience.

With comprehensive Keysight services including calibration, education, and consulting, these instruments will help you accelerate technology adoption and lower costs. The Keysight P9336A AWG provides multiple independent or synchronized signal outputs with exceptional performance.

  • Compact format with USB 3.0 input
  • Three differential or single-ended signal channels with SMB connectors
  • 16-bit amplitude resolution
  • Up to 540 MHz bandwidth per channel (1080 MHz I/Q modulation bandwidth)
  • Per-channel skew, gain, and offset control
  • Front panel triggers and markers
  • Keysight exclusive Trueform waveform generation
  • Simple to use soft front panel


  • The compact form factor makes it ideal for creating complex waveforms in R&D.
  • Digitally modulated waveforms for both wideband communication systems and high-resolution waveforms for radar and satellite test.
  • Industry-standard wireless waveforms can be easily generated using the Keysight software applications tools such as PathWave Signal Generation (Signal Studio)
  • Users can generate their own waveforms using MATLAB, spreadsheets, or custom tools.
  • The AWG provides standard IVI compliant drivers for integration with multiple application development environments.

Key Specifications

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Standard Configurations

P9336A Compact USB arbitrary waveform generator

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