Ensure the competitiveness of your wireless network indoors to optimize customer satisfaction and minimize churn

Efficient in-building benchmarking and coverage measurement of wireless networks

  • Indoor map with markers and geodetic coordinates
  • Indoor positioning enables placing waypoints automatically, significantly reducing the time used on performing measurements
  • Tablet for centralized control of up to seven devices, including a portable scanner
  • Centralized control of multiple test terminals via Bluetooth connection
  • Measurement data from devices in the backpack displayed in graphs on the controller tablet
  • Navigation application providing turn-by-turn instructions for your drive test campaigns (optional)
  • Supports Network Performance Score (NPS), a single metric for assessing network QoE based on existing KPIs as defined by ETSI and ITU-T

Wide application testing

  • Ability to compare how actual services like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Viber, BiP,  Dropbox, Zalo, and Instagram work from an end-user perspective
  • Ability to test any application for a limited set of parameters using automated scripts

Supporting latest technologies

  • Support for the latest commercial smartphones and tablets, including Samsung Galaxy S24, Samsung Xcover6 Pro, Xiaomi 12 Pro, OnePlus 11, and Sony Xperia 1 V
  • 5G NR support with the latest Qualcomm (X75), Samsung Exynos, and MediaTek M70/M80 (with Nemo Diagnostic Module) chipset-based devices
  • Support for 5G NR scanner measurements using PCTEL Gflex/HBflex/IBflex, and R&S®TSMA6 Autonomous Mobile Network scanner devices
  • Support for POLQA (versions 3 and 2) and ViSQOL voice quality testing
  • Support for Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi), Video over WiFi (ViWiFi), and Video over LTE (ViLTE) testing
  • Map navigation based on Google Maps

Full measurement functionality with new commercial smartphones

  • Nemo Walker Air together with the external Nemo Diagnostic Module (NDM) enables full measurement functionality with commercial off-the-shelf smartphones
  • No special firmware or rooting is needed
  • Supports all Samsung, Qualcomm, and MediaTek chipset-based phone models
  • Up to two agent units can be connected to one NDM. When using the optional carrying solution Backpack Air, up to six non-rooted agent units can be connected to three NDM´s
  • Reusable over new phone models, with no additional costs when changing the phone
  • The license for voice quality testing using POLQA is associated with the NDM, therefore the same license can be used when changing the phone

Nemo Walker Air for indoor benchmarking of wireless networks

Nemo Walker Air provides you with the best real-time measurement and benchmarking. Nemo Walker Air’s extensive application testing features offer full application-level metrics on voice calls, voice quality, FTP/HTTP data transfers, iPerf, TWAMP (including one-way latency calculation), HTML browsing, YouTube streaming, Dropbox testing, Facebook testing, LinkedIn testing, Instagram testing, email testing, WhatsApp testing, Zalo testing, Viber testing, BiP testing, Google Drive testing, mScore testing, Fast.com data testing, SMS & MMS messaging, and ping. Nemo Walker Air offers real-time display of key RF and application-level metrics, such as Voice Quality Mean Opinion Score (VQ MOS) score.

Versatile indoor benchmarking – for all wireless technologies

Optional Carrying Solution – Backpack Air

An optional, customized backpack offers a compact carrying solution for the whole system. The backpack has specially made slots for six devices. It is also lightweight, weighing just 3,6 kg when fully loaded with a complete set of Nemo Walker Air equipment. Backpack Air includes high-quality USB batteries and can be used as a standalone system without an external power source.

Remote control and management

Nemo Cloud enables remote control and management of Nemo Walker Air units used in field measurement campaigns. This provides real-time control and monitoring of measurement product fleets as well as improved responsiveness of measurement projects in the field. The centralized product and fleet control together with online inventory management give customers the tools to get more out of their measurement resources and product portfolio.

For more information about Nemo RF Network Solutions, please visit Keysight Nemo Wireless Network Solutions.

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