Bandwidth (with 7 mm wire):

  • > 10 GHz (typical) at zero degree span
  • > 4.4 GHz (typical) at 60 degrees span

Bandwidth (with 11 mm wire):

  • > 5 GHz (typical) at zero degree span
  • > 3.3 GHz (typical) at 60 degrees span


  • Extend your ZIF Tip connection up to 11 mm.
  • Most economical solder-in probe solution today.
  • N5451A ZIF Tip comes in a set of 10 long wire ZIF Tips (user solders wires at their desired length).
  • N5451A ZIF Tip requires at least one N5425A Infiniium ZIF probe head.
  • For up to 12 GHz of bandwidth ZIF probing, use the N5426A ZIF probe tips.

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