• Hardware-based decoding helps find errors quicker
  • Synchronize on multiplexed data with cycle-base and cycle-repetition triggering
  • Perform hardware-based pass/fail FlexRay eye-diagram mask testing based on published standards
  • Capture more consecutive decoded FlexRay frames using Segmented Memory acquisition
  • Make physical layer measurements in the field with the only oscilloscope for FlexRay applications with optional battery operation
  • Precision differential active probing of the FlexRay bus
  • The most comprehensive and automated FlexRay physical layer conformance testing

Keysight’s N5432C FlexRay measurements applications offer integrated FlexRay serial bus triggering, hardware-based decoding, eye-diagram mask testing, and the most extensive FlexRay physical layer conformance test package in the oscilloscope industry. The FlexRay measurement tools help you more efficiently debug and characterize your FlexRay physical layer network by having the ability to trigger on and time-correlate FlexRay communication with your physical layer signals. And with Keysight’s unique hardware-based decoding you get the fastest update rates in the industry.

If you already own an InfiniiVision Series oscilloscope licensed with the FlexRay option (FLX), click on the “Downloads and Trials” tab to download The FlexRay Physical Layer Conformance Test software and/or to download the various FlexRay eye-diagram mask files which are based baud rate and test plane.

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The FlexRay decode and triggering option is enabled with a license key on the Keysight InfiniiVision oscilloscopes.

FlexRay mask files and the FlexRay Physical Layer Conformance Test Software are available as downloads.

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