High accuracy, low cost solution for optical and electrical waveform analysis including solutions for 8.4 through 64 GBaud, very low noise and jitter, and fast sampling rates for high throughput.


The Keysight N1092C is a DCA-M Sampling Oscilloscope that comes equipped with one optical and two electrical channels. The N1092C is used for verifying optical transmitter compliance to communications standards.

  • >40 GHz optical (option 40A), 50 GHz electrical
  • FC / PC and 2.4 mm input type
  • high sensitivity with 5 µW (optical), 310 / 600 µV (electrical) noise floors
  • fast throughput with high 250 kHz sample rate
  • accurate high data-rate analysis with <200 fs jitter

What's included:

  • USB cable (for connection to DCA-X mainframe or user-supplied PC)
  • power cord
  • instrument cover

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