Perform Precision Measurements On High-Speed Signals

The Keysight N1000A DCA-X wide-bandwidth oscilloscope provides accurate and precise measurements on high-speed digital designs from 50 Mb/s to more than 80 Gb/s. Configure the N1000A DCA-X mainframe by selecting from plug-in modules to match your desired bandwidth, filtering, and sensitivity.

  • DCA-X platform consists of a mainframe and a wide variety of modules for flexible testing.
  • The consistency and flexibility of the DCA-X series ensure high accuracy in any measurement.
  • Supports today’s modules plus older, discontinued optical, electrical, and TDR modules to help protect your investment from obsolescence.
  • Test bandwidth to > 110 GHz, jitter as low as 50 fs, and noise as low as 275 uV.
  • Sample rates are up to 250 kSa/s and support up to 16 channels for high test throughput.
  • Customize with plug-in modules for precision optical, electrical, and / or TDR / TDT / S-parameter analysis.

Fast Sampling Rate On Mainframe And Module

A new counter board architecture, variable equalizers in the clock recovery path, and integrated hardware de-skewing are just a few DCA features that help give you fast results. Watch this video to see how the new Keysight N1000A DCA mainframe combined with the N1060A precision waveform analyzer bring you faster 12 edge PAM4 jitter measurements.


>100 GHz
>100 GHz
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>100 GHz
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Research And Analysis Using DCA-X Oscilloscopes

All Keysight DCA-X sampling oscilloscopes use the same N1010A FlexDCA software to control measurement hardware both as a local user interface and for remote control. FlexDCA, combined with the DCA-X sampling oscilloscopes, continues to evolve for applications such as:

  • Research and design verification of electrical transmitters (ASICs, FPGAs, PHYs)
  • Research, development, and manufacturing of optical transmitters/transceivers
  • Analysis of reflections and transmission characteristics of electrical components and channels
  • General-purpose analysis of analog and digital signals

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