• Large, multi-channel systems in Aerospace/Defense, high-energy physics, and digital


  • One-slot AXIe system module
  • Six multi-purpose, synchronization and triggering ports
  • External 10MHz reference clock input/output
  • MultiFrame Input/Output

Performance characteristics

  • Dual Gen 2 x8 PCIe interface connectors (maximum 4 GB/s data rate)
  • Dual Gigabit LAN connectors
  • Gen 2 PCIe fabric and Gigabit LAN switching

The M9521A AXIe system module is fully compatible with the AXIe 1.0 and 2.0 specifications. It is used with the M9514A AXIe chassis and provides the required system communication and synchronization functions including:

  • Trigger bus and clock routing
  • Managing clocks, including internal or external reference sources
  • AXIe Fabric 1 (Gen 2 x4 lanes to each module slot) and Gigabit LAN switching

The M9521A also provides Dual Gen 2 x8 PCIe interfaces for connecting the chassis to an external computer and other chassis (either AXIe or PXIe).


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Standard Configurations

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