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Measurement requirements for wireless communication components and modules are getting more complicated due to multicarrier and multiband coverage needs. The Keysight M9485A PXI multiport vector network analyzer (VNA) is an ideal solution that gives you a flexible and scalable configuration to solve your increasing measurement challenges.

Adapting independent source and receiver configuration, it offers the best measurement performance in multiport network analysis. In addition to high measurement performance, the M9485A PXI multiport VNA takes advantage of the converged Keysight ENA and PNA software platforms to offer comprehensive functions to test multiport components like front-end modules, filters, and switches.

  • Increase your throughput with a fast measurement speed of 5 ms (201 points, full 2-port calibration)
  • Improve test accuracy and yield with a wide dynamic range of 160 dB (typical)
  • Reduce calibration downtime with excellent temperature stability at 0.005 dB ⁰C
  • Cascade modules for up to 24 ports of multiport or multisite measurement

Optimize Your Configuration

The trend towards an increasing number of ports per component makes accurate and fast multiport network analysis a requirement. Minimizing operator intervention, as well as reducing connection and calibration times affects measurement throughput. Modern multiport, PXI platform VNAs with state-of-the-art capabilities are necessary to improve measurement throughput of high-volume production testing.

M9485A PXIe network analyzer
M9485A PXIe network analyzer with RF software

M9485A Software

Network analyzer software tools enable you to investigate, characterize, and troubleshoot your designs in a variety of measurement applications. Simplify complex measurements on your M9485A with software applications such as automatic fixture removal, frequency offset mode, time domain, and more. 

Key Specifications

Number of Built-In Ports
2 ports
Maximum Frequency
9 GHz
Number of Built-In Ports
Maximum Frequency
2 ports
9 GHz
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Multiport test
Best Speed at 201 Point, 1 Sweep:
5 ms
Dynamic Range:
160 dB (typical)
Form Factor:
Instrument Type:
Maximum Frequency:
9 GHz
Minimum Frequency:
1 MHz
Number of Built-In Ports:
2 ports
Output Power:
17 dBm (typical)
Trace Noise:
0.001 dB rms
PXIe Multiport Vector Network Analyzer M9485A

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