The Keysight M9193A digital stimulus/response (DSR) pattern editor with data converters combines the digital pattern editor with numerous data converters based on the Solstice-TDS In-converters from Test Systems Strategies Incorporated (TSSI). The M9193A enables the utilization of digital pattern files from various Automatic Test Program Generators (ATPGs). Vector files can be read using an appropriate In-converter and then edited using the pattern editor.

The M9193A includes the following In-converters:

  • The WGL In-converter reads an ASCII file that’s compliant to the TSSI Waveform Generation Language (WGL) Specification.
  • The STIL In-converter reads a text file that’s compliant to the standard STIL specification (IEEE Std 1450.0-1999).
  • The Verilog In-converter converts a Value Change Dump (VCD) or an Extended Value Change Dump (EVCD) file generated by a Verilog simulator into an event-based database.
  • The ASCII In-converter is a flexible, tabular form reader. The TSSI ASCII format is a host-independent, human-readable representation of cyclized test patterns.  

Once these test patterns are read into the system, they can then be edited and debugged using the pattern editor.

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