• Applications that utilize an external computer to control a PXIe Chassis
  • Multi-chassis applications


  • 3 slot 3U module for use in the system slot of a PXIe Chassis (utilizes two PXI controller expansion slots)
  • Four-link (4x4) or two-link (x8, x16) connection to the PXIe backplane
  • Standard x8 PCIe connectors for use with standard PCIe cables
  • Additional I/O: GP-IB, two USB 3.0, four USB 2.0, two GbE (RJ45)

Performance characteristics

  • High performance Gen 3 PCIe cable link
  • High data bandwidth (maximum 8 GB/s single port, 16 GB/s x16 mode)

The M9024A is a PXIe System Module and is installed in the system slot of a PXIe chassis. When combined with an appropriate host adapter, it will provide a high data BW connection between the host PC and the chassis. The M9024A has a flexible configuration capability. Each card has two Gen 3 x8 PCIe cable links capable of achieving speeds up to 8 GB/s on each port. These two ports can be combined into a single x16 cable link providing a speed of up to 16 GB/s. This means a data-intensive system can be built using high-performance desktop or rack-mounted computers.

The M9024A also provides 2 LAN ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports and GPIB connections for easy system integration connections directly in the chassis. This allows for a single cable (PCIe) from the host PC to the instrument rack. Other non-PXI instruments can then be connected to the M9024A rather than running individual cables back to the host PC.

When configured in dual x8 mode, the M9024A can be used in multi-chassis systems utilizing a daisy-chain configuration. This configuration has the added advantage of not requiring an instrument slot for daisy-chaining. One port would be connected to an M9048B and the other port would be connected to either an M9022A or M9023A in subsequent chassis. Alternately, the M9024A can be used with an M9037A PXIe embedded controller to interconnect two or more chassis in a multi-chassis system. Only one M9024A can be used in a multi-chassis system.

To ensure the best performance, the M9024A should be configured in x16 mode and paired with a Gen 3 x16 Host PC card such as the Keysight M9049A. In all cases. x8 PCIe cables tested to operate at Gen 3 speeds such as the Keysight Y1202A or Y1203A should also be used.


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