• M809228XA will be discontinued soon. Replacement product M809228CA.
  • Covers OIF-CEI 28G-VSR Host and 28G-SR from 18 to 29 GBaud
  • Covers IEEE 802.3 CAUI-4 host and module tests in advanced mode
  • Support a wide range of Keysight equipment (DCA sampling scope & clock recovery and M8020A and M8040A BER Testers)
  • Guided setup, automated stress signal calibration and compliance measurement for host compliance tests

The M809228XA receiver test plug-in for M8070B is designed to assist and simplify the stress signal calibration used for testing the inputs of OIF-CEI CEI-28G-SR and 28G-VSR host compliance interfaces. The OIF-CEI 3.1 standard option is available within the M8070B user interface menu with the flexibility of choosing either compliance or debug mode. It reduces user interaction to a minimum and performs all required calibration routines and compliance testing automatically by remote controlling all required instruments. When a user is required to perform setup changes, the user is guided by diagram as well as text to minimize errors.

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M809228XA OIF-CEI 28G VSR/ SR Compliance Test Plugin

M809228XA is a M8070B plugin for OIF-CEI 28G VSR/SR Compliance Test. It performs calibrations and tests for 28G-SR and 28G-VSR host compliance.
OIF-CEI 28G VSR/ SR Compliance Test Plugin

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