Rapid developments in the autonomous vehicle and increasing demand for greater safety features is fueling the need for more sensitive and accurate automotive radar technology in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Keysight's E8707A radar target simulator can help you test automotive electronics by simulating radar targets in realistic scenarios.

The E8707A radar target simulator is a flexible and dynamic solution for fast, accurate, and reliable test for the automotive industry. You can validate the performance of your radar products quickly and accurately.

  • simulates automotive radar targets in the 76 to 77 GHz range
  • provides simulation for both the range and radar cross section
  • offers a compact footprint with a physical distance of one meter between simulator and DUT
  • brings scalable and configurable features with a range of 10 to 450 m or two fixed ranges
  • delivers flexible transmit and receive configurations — single-horn with built-in transceiver; or dual-horn with transmit and receive capabilities

Key Specifications

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