The E6704A is an extension to the E6701C/D lab application and provides EGPRS (EDGE) functionality for the 8960.


Regression and Integration testers

  • All the features of the E6701 GSM/GPRS lab application extended to EGPRS
  • Test the latest capabilities such as DTM
  • Handover and cell (re-)selection testing between W-CDMA/HSPA and GSM/EGPRS

RF and Baseband Developers

  • Downlink corruption and deliberate NACK of good uplink blocks to force re-transmission and test of Incremental Redundancy
  • GMSK and 8PSK Tx/Rx measurements

Software and Application Developers

  • Full MCS9 Throughput up to class 33
  • RF to IP connectivity
  • Test the latest applications such as PoC

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The Keysight E6704A is an extension to the E6701 lab application and provides EGPRS (EDGE) functionality. Using the E6704A with the E6701 on an 8960 (E5515C/E5515E) wireless test set creates a powerful Network in a Box -- a one-box test solution that supplies R&D engineers with a network emulator featuring RF measurement capability; comprehensive protocol analysis; and all the tools needed to accurately evaluate EGPRS wireless devices.

Use the E6704A to:

  • Validate the interoperability between GSM/GPRS/EGPRS, data, SMS, voice services and demand for networks resources
  • Find and resolve difficult signaling functionality and timing issues
  • Verify throughput, robustness of radio link control and IP connectivity
  • Reduce the cost of test
  • Expedite transition from R&D to manufacturing

Note: The E6704A requires an E6701 GSM/GPRS lab application to operate. The E6704A provides a license that enables EGPRS testing within the E6701 lab application. Download the E6701 lab application to access the E6704A functionality.

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