• 20 Channel solid-state multiplexer
  • Two- and four-wire scanning
  • 120 V switching
  • 450 channels/s scanning
  • Built-in thermocouple reference junction

The Keysight DAQM900A module Data Acquisition System is the fastest switching and scanning multiplexer for general purpose use. It combines dense, multi-function switching with 450 channel/second scan rates to address high speed and high throughput data acquisition applications.

Two- and four-wire channels can be mixed on the same module. Capable of measuring voltage ac/dc, frequency/period, 2/4-wire resistance, and temperature with thermocouple sensors.

Standard Product Includes:

  • 1 DAQM900A, 20 Channel Solid-state Multiplexer Module
  • 1 Functional Test Certificate
20 Channel Solid-state Multiplexer Module

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