• Real-world lab test environment for validating 5G devices under a wide range of network signaling and radio channel conditions.
  • Fully controlled test scenario enabling quick and systematic performance validation.
  • Ready-to-run test cases based on real-world drive test routes from various parts of the world.
  • The optional Field-to-Lab tool enables users to create test cases from their own field logs.

The Virtual Drive Test Software enables you to efficiently analyze the performance of 5G new radio (NR) devices deployed in non-standalone (NSA) or standalone (SA) networks and under various mobility scenarios.

Track Test Case Progress in Real Time

Keysight Test Manager enables you to execute and track test case progress live while running the test campaign. You can monitor the campaign status for each test case against the set verdict limits.

  • Test Iteration View offers live KPIs to monitor the progress of the test. It includes KPIs from the test equipment, the device under test, and optional video material recorded in the field.
  • Campaign Manager enables you to build test campaigns with selected test cases for effective regression testing with known test objectives. You can modify pass/fail criteria for each verdict and set a desired number of iterations for each test case.
High Speed Digital Design using ADS Software
C8709000A Virtual Drive Test Software with Device Benchmarking and Device scoring example

Analyze Test Results Accurately

Keysight Result Manager provides tools to build an overview comparison between the results obtained in different test runs. It offers a quick result analysis with clear reports for decision-making.

Device Analytics provides visualization and debugging tools to resolve issues more quickly. Take full advantage of the test data recorded with UXM’s state-of-the-art logging tools.

Virtual Drive Test Software Specifications

Virtual Drive Test Software supports ready-to-run test cases based on real-world drive test routes from major operator networks representing signaling and RF environments in various parts of the world.

The optional Field-to-Lab tool creates ready-to-run test cases comprising:

  • Radio channel characteristics recreated by a channel emulator — these RF metrics represent radio channel impairments and signal strength.
  • Network cell configuration recreated by a network emulator — signaling trace reveals site-specific network capabilities and configurations.

Mobility performance testing covers:

  • Handover and cell re-selection success rates
  • Call drop rates and service interrupts
  • Data performance
  • Voice call quality metrics

The optional Field-to-Lab tool enables users to create test cases from their own field logs.

S8709A 5G Virtual Drive Test Toolset

The 5G Virtual Drive Test Toolset is the only solution bringing real world logs to the testing workflow. It makes repeatable real-world performance testing accessible to R&D teams by integrating instrumentation and the test environment under a single lab solution. Users gain access to field measured geometrical channel models with high-capacity fading options as well as signaling scripts replicating operator-specific network capabilities.

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