Analyze HRP UWB signals (802.15.4/4z) signals , NB-IoT signals, and RFID signals.


  • Signal analysis of HRP (High Rate Pulse Repetition Frequency) UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) signals based on IEEE 802.15.4/4z standards
  • Support all channels, bandwidths, BPM+BPSK modulation, and physical modes as non-HRP-ERDEV (802.15.4), ERDEV-BPRF and ERDEV-HPRF (802.15.4z)
  • Analyze HRP UWB signal quality: RRC correlated trace, RMARKER, main lobe/side lobe metrics with pass/fail indication, transmit mask, frequency and chip clock error and more
  • Support demodulated or decoding bits for PSDU after FEC or PHR+PSDU with FEC
  • Also support RFID and NB-IoT demodulation analysis

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