Perform demodulation and error vector measurements of 5G NR signal that are based on 3GPP Release 15, Release 16 and Release 17 specifications.


  • Measurements in line with the 3GPP Release 15, Release 16 and Release 17 specifications
  • 5G and Open-RAN uplink and downlink measurements for FR1 and FR2
  • Mixed numerologies within a single or multiple bandwidth parts (BWPs)
  • Transport layer decoding with CRC pass/fail results
  • Up to 8x8 MIMO for the downlink and 4x4 MIMO for the uplink
  • Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) with simultaneous demodulation of LTE and 5G NR signals
  • In-depth analysis and troubleshooting traces, with color coding and marker coupling, and 3D traces for visualization

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