• 40 GHz @ 1310 nm GHz typical electro-optical bandwidth
  • Optical wavelength: 1310 nm & 1550 nm Single Mode Fiber
  • Rise and fall time: < 9 ps typical
  • Jitter: < 400 ps rms or < 6.5 ps p-p typical
  • TDEC for 53.125 Gb/s NRZ: < 1.5 typical, 1310 nm
  • TDECQ for 53.125 Gbaud PAM4: < 2.4 typical, 1310 nm or < 2.1 typical, 1550 nm

Keysight's 81492A Reference Transmitter is designed to offer excellent eye quality for NRZ and PAM4 signals at baud-rates up to 56 Gbaud and can serve as universal single-mode E/O converter. In addition to the internal lasers at 1310 & 1550 nm, an external optical input for usage with tunable laser sources is available. It is fully integrated into Keysight’s Optical Receiver Stress Test solutions to address test requirements of IEEE 802.3 10,40,100 and 400GBASE optical standards.

The 81492A conducts repeatable and reproducible measurements which permit lower production test margins and the improved specifications of characterized devices, while ensuring the comparability of test results. Save time and money via rapid test reconfiguration with dual-wavelength that switches between 1310 nm and 1550 nm remotely or manually without exchanging a module.

Extend your optical workbench capabilities easily with scalable integration into the industry-standard Keysight LMS platform and achieve fast signal calibration and optimization through integration with Keysight’s automation software.

Ensure the best quality of tested devices under all target operating conditions with the highest test range coverage from the wide extinction range, with support for full compliance to IEEE 802.3 stressed eye test in combination with Keysight’s Optical Receiver Stress Test solutions.

  • LMS mainframe integration provides automated bias-point and power control, and remote control via SCPI language
  • Enables signal source and modulator separation for zero-chirp modulation
  • Fully IEEE 802.3 compliant


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