• 33 GHz typical electro-optical bandwidth
  • Optical wavelength
    1310 nm & 1550 nm Single Mode Fiber
    850 nm Multi Mode Fiber
  • Rise and fall times
    < 15 ps (typical)
  • Jitter
    < 1 ps RMS (typical)
    < 7 ps P-P (typical)
  • TDEC for 28Gb/s NRZ
    < 0.9 dB (typical)
  • TDECQ for 26.56125 Gbaud PAM4
    < 1.2 dB (typical)

Keysight's 81491A Reference Transmitter is designed to offer excellent eye quality for NRZ and PAM4 signals at baud-rates up to 32Gbaud and can serve as universal E/O converter. It comes in Multimode (MM) and Single-Mode (SM) flavors and includes internal lasers at 850nm (MM) or 1310&1550nm (SM). External optical input for usage with tunable laser sources is available for SM option.
It is fully integrated into Keysight’s Optical Receiver Stress Test solutions to address test requirements of IEEE 802.3 10,40,100 and 400GBASE optical standards.


  • 1310 nm and 1550 nm Single Mode Fiber transmitter included in one module saves time and cost.
  • Module with external laser source input for addressing WDM applications between 1260 and 1565nm.
  • 850nm Multimode Fiber transmitter.
  • Scalability with the integration into industry standard Keysight Lightwave Measurement System platform extends your optical workbench capabilities.
  • Analog modulation bandwidth of 35 GHz extends the application to arbitrary optical waveform generation in combination with an electrical arbitrary waveform generator.


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