• Graphical user software – no programming required.
  • 3 modes of operation: waveform capture, data logging, CCDF statistical analysis.
  • Accurately log current drain measurements from 10 seconds to 1000 hours at 64,000 measurements per second (66319B/D, 66321B/D only).
  • Automation capability provides operational control from many test applications (including Keysight Wireless Test Manager, NI LabVIEW1, Microsoft® Visual Basic, and more).
  • Measure text copy feature allows full export of data for use in other documents (such as an Excel spreadsheet or text file)
  • 15-day trial period with full capability.
  • Software license is associated with an individual product and not a computer. This allows you to install the software on multiple computer platforms to control the same instrument.

The Keysight 14565B device characterization software is designed for easy evaluation of portable battery powered device (like 3G handsets, PDA, WLAN, and Bluetooth™ enable devices) current profiles to ensure long operating life of devices.

This software provides a graphical user interface to easily control the Keysight 66300 series mobile communications DC sources and measures device current draw. Current drain analysis allows you to characterize current drawn from a battery and make tradeoffs in design that impact the current drain and battery life. With current drain analysis, you can log current drain measurements for up to 1,000 hours and perform statistical CCDF analysis.

The 14565B can be controlled from other programs and programming languages (such as the Keysight Interactive Functional Test software, Wireless Test Manager, NI LabVIEW1, Keysight VEE, Microsoft® Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel and others) to automate and synchronize current drain measurements with other DUT stimulus and activity, such as RF and digital control and activities. The 14565B software with test automation saves valuable resource and time by automating time consuming, repetitive tasks associated with characterizing battery current drains during real world operation: video streaming, music downloads, text messaging.

14565B test steps are now integrated into Interactive Functional Test software (N5972A) and Wireless Test manager versions E6567C, E6568C, N5882A, N5884A, N6422C, N6423C.

System Requirements

New Software Licenses and Upgrades
Product Description Part Number
New License Device Characterization Software with Test Automation 14565B
Upgrade Upgrade from Keysight 14565A to 14565B 14565U

Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., U.S.A. and licensed to Keysight Technologies, Inc.
Microsoft is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

1This is a National Instruments product

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14565B Device Characterization Software

  • Graphical interface
  • Modes of operation: waveform capture, data logging, CCDF statistical analysis
  • Operational control from test applications: Keysight Wireless Test Manager, NI LabVIEW1, Microsoft® Visual Basic, and more
  • Full data export
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