The Keysight 10774A short-range straightness optics combines a straightness interferometer and reflector to make measurements over a range of travel up to 3 m (10 ft). The optics form a highly-accurate optical straightedge that measures the straightness of travel of machine-tool and measuring-machine coordinate motions with a resolution of 0.04 micrometer (1 in).

Using the Keysight 10774A short-range straightness optics with Keysight's 5530 laser calibration system customizes interferometer systems for the physical layout and measurement requirements of each application.  

  • Straightness Measurement Accuracy
  • Overall Accuracy = Optical Reference Accuracy + Measurement Accuracy.
  • This is analogous to the traditional straightedge and indicator method of measuring straightness, where Optical Reference Accuracy corresponds to the straightedge accuracy, and Measurement Accuracy corresponds to the indicator accuracy.
  • Optical Reference Accuracy
  • Optical reference inaccuracy can be eliminated by using straightedge (mirror) reversal techniques.
  • Metric units mode: 0.15 M2 µm
  • English units mode: 0.5 F2 µin
  • Measurement Accuracy
  • Temperature Range Displayed Value: 0 µm to 10 µm 10 to 1,500 µm
  • 0 µm to 400 µm 400 to 60,000 µm
  • 15° C to 25 °C ±3.5% ±1% ±0.25 µm (10 µin)
  • 0° C to 40° C ±6% ±1% ±0.5 µm (20 µin)
  • Straightness Measurement Resolution
  • Keysight 5519A, Keysight 5519B
  • Short Range: 0.01 µm (0.4 µin) 0.04 µm (1.4 µin)
  • Straightness Measurement Range (Orthogonal to Axial Travel)
  • ±1.5 mm (0.060 in)
  • Axial Separation (Travel)
  • (distance between the interferometer and the reflector, typical, with proper alignment, 15° C to 25° C):
  • Short Range Optics: 0.1 m to 3 m (4 in to 120 in)
  • High resolution plane mirror
  • More accurate and lower sensitivity to air turbulence than alignment lasers
  • Available separately or as part of the Keysight 55283A Straightness Measurement Kit

Key Specifications

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 10774A Short Range Straightness Optics

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