This sample program assists making simple scalar network analysis using U2000 USB Power Sensor series with the ENA.

Revision Number


Supported functions

  • CW / Frequency sweep / Power sweep analysis using USB power sensor with the ENA
  • ENA and Power sensor setup
  • Conversion Loss and Return Loss of LO embedded frequency converter devices

Supported USB power sensors

  • U2000A 10 MHz - 18 GHz USB Power Sensor
  • U2001A 10 MHz - 6 GHz USB Power Sensor
  • U2002A 50 MHz - 24 GHz USB Power Sensor
  • U2004A 9 kHz - 6 GHz USB Power Sensor
VBA Image

The "Trace Save" and "Trace Recall" button will be enabled when you change
"Execute Power Sensor normalization with Golden Device" state to "YES".
It enables to save/recall the normalization data. (From Rev.01.02)