E5070B/71B, E5061A/62A (Windows 2000 embedded edition)

Keysight provides the solution for installing windows security patch into E5070B/71B and E5061A/62A. To apply the Microsoft Windows security patch, agreement with new End Users License Agreement (EULA) is required. As for the E5070B/71B and some of the E5061A/62A, the hard disk drive should be replaced with new one due to the lack of free space of HDD volume.


Please replace the HDD to new one which volume label is CP916 that has enough disk space at C-drive to install the security patch. If the removable hard disk drive is furnished with E5070B/71B, please order E5070BU-018 or E5071BU-018. Customer can install it at their site.

For details on upgrade option, please refer to the ENA Network Analyzer Series Upgrades - 2-2. Other Hardware Upgrades.

If the removable hard disk is not furnished with E5070B/71B, please order E5070-82203 and ask service center to install this hard disk drive.


The procedure is depends on the revision of the HDD. To check the revision of the HDD, open the explorer window and see the volume lavel of the HDD by following procedure.

Step 1. Press "Save / Recall" hard key
Step 2. Press "Explorer" soft key. The volume label is shown as the name of C drive.

For AL100 to AL212 HDD user:  Please replace the HDD to the new one which volume label is AL302 or later. In this case, order E5062-83102 and ask Keysight service center to install this hard disk drive.

For AL300 and AL301 HDD user: Please download and install the new EULA installer from ENA-L RF Network Analyzers Firmware Update page.

Windows OS Critical Update:

After making agreement with new EULA, install the critical update when a new critical update is released. It should work well but it is impossible to predict future issues.


Caution: Installing the anti-virus software will cause the malfunction. The detail on this issue is shown in following.

We confirmed some issue might occur with installing anti-virus software. The details are as follows:

  1. Shutdown process might be failed and Check Disk may run when press the standby switch to turn on the instrument. This will cause the critical damage to hard disk of the analyzer. To avoid this, special shutdown process is required. Detail process is available on FAQ.
  2. It will take tens of minutes to start the analyzer.
  3. Some of the window of the anti-virus software is too big to display on the instruments. The "OK" button of the window sometimes cannot be displayed.
  4. The anti-virus software might be too slow while the Trigger mode is set to "Continuous", since it is too high CPU usage by firmware. Need to set the trigger mode as "Hold".

Since anti-virus software might cause malfunction, we do not recommend installing anti-virus software on the E5070B/71B and the E5061A/62A, nor make it run. Instead, enable to access the hard disk drive (HDD) of the E5070B/71B and the E5061A/62A from an external PC, and then scan the HDD with anti-virus software installed on the PC. This is recommended way to conduct virus scan. Please refer to the user's guide for enabling the access to the HDD from the external PC.

If you want to know more detail on these issue or you have to install and run the anti-virus software in the instrument, please contact Keysight.

Embedded SW:

Do not change the embedded software version. Do not delete the embedded software. Keysight can not guarantee the performance and functioning when the either of embedded software version goes up.

User Installable SW:

Do not install any software. If you need to install anti-virus software, please contact Keysight.

Local Language Setting:

To install Non-US version of Windows 2000 is not allowed. In addition to that, Do NOT change on Regional and Language Options setting from English (United-States) as default setting.