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WiMAX (802.16) RF Tests
RF WiMAX Tests 89600 Series VSA Software with WiMAX test options 1 PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer X-Series Signal Analyzers with N9074 and N9075 measurement application 2 N5182A MXG and E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generators with N7615B Signal Studio software for WiMAX 3 P-Series Power Meters E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set EXT Wireless Communication Test Set with U9075 measurement application and N7615B Signal Studio software for WiMAX
WiMAX Transmitter Test              
Output power  X  X  X    X4  X X
Power rise/fall  X  X  X10    X  X X
Spectrum mask    X  X      X X
Spectral flatness  X  X  X      X X
Center frequency tolerance  X    X      X X
Symbol clock frequency tolerance  X    X      X X
Relative constellation error (EVM)  X    X      X X
Out-of-band spurious emission    X5  X5        
WiMAX Receiver Tests              
Sensitivity        X6    X6 X6
Max input level        X    X X
Adjacent and alternate channel rejection        X7    X7 X7
Receiver linearity        X    X  X
Frequency and timing requirements        X    X  X

1 89600 Series vector signal analysis software can be used with a variety of digitizers including: X-Series Signal Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, PSA High-Performance Spectrum Analyzer, ESA-E Series Economy Spectrum Analyzer, and N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set.

2 Requires 89600 Series VSA software or N9075 measurement application.

3 Can also be used with E8267D PSG vector signal generator.

4 Thermal sensor gives true rms power reading. Peak detector under-reads peak-average result with OFDM/modulation applied. P-series power meters offer gating for accurate power measurements on bursted signals

5 Requires manual user setup in range table.

6 Test signal is fully coded, which enables vendor-specific PER measurements to be performed. The ESG/PSG/MXG does not perform PER measurements.

7 Use a second signal generator with user created waveform file as interferer.

8 Active subcarriers only. Unused subcarrier RCE is not measured.

9 Fader required for part of the test.

10 N9075 only  

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