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No matter your role — from design engineer to R&D lead — you will find inspirations and tangible solutions to accelerate your design process for high-speed, high-frequency, and high-power products.

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Strengthen your expertise in a series of expert-led sessions , customized to your industries and based on real-world case studies.

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Get technical training to unlock the power of the newest capabilities inside Keysight EDA solutions.

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Connect with local and like-minded peers and industry leaders who believe in the transformative power of AI/ML and automation.

Attend expert-led sessions that span a broad range of topics and learn from the most successful design teams in your community.

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Module 1: Accelerate Smart RF IC Design

A successful RF design does not just meet the specifications. Explore cutting-edge advancements — from AI-driven power amplifier design to rapid electromagnetic circuit codesign — to accelerate complex RF circuit design and power a hyperconnected future.

high speed digital simulation

Module 2: Achieve High-Speed in Chiplet Era

Chiplets are here to stay. However, we clearly need new strategies to cope with more complex thermal, power, and signal integrity issues at the chiplet and package level, as well as multiple die-to-die interfaces. Hear experts' vision for these new architectures and the essential practices to enhance your high-speed digital design workflows to win the chiplet race.

Non Terrestrial Networks Space Satellite

Module 3: Power RF System Design Innovation

As communications extend into the vastness of space, complex system-level design challenges emerge. Explore how Keysight's latest innovations, including integrated system / circuit design workflows, advanced power amplifier modeling, and AI integration for 5G air interfaces, are revolutionizing RF system design. Hear from tech experts on how to address critical issues like frequency optimization, latency minimization, and multi-network coexistence.

semiconductor modeling

Module 4: Advance Device Modeling Efficiency

For over two decades, Keysight has provided top foundries with one-stop solutions that measure, extract, and validate semiconductor devices. This module highlights innovative strategies to improve model quality for RF, CMOS, and III-V devices while reducing engineering time. Get ready to be amazed by how recentering can cut model extraction time by 70%. Plus, explore the latest techniques for precise modeling of self-heating and trapping effects in GaN HEMTs.

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How we help customers modernize shift-left

mmTron: Accelerating Highly Efficient and Reliable mmWave Power Amplifier Design

Marki Microwave: Achieving stability in RF driver amplifiers with minimal prototyping

Keysight Labs: Designing RF & mmWave subsystems in sub-terahertz ranges


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