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Triggering on Infrequent Anomalies and Complex Signals using Zone Trigger

Application Notes

When debugging digital designs, it is often difficult-to-impossible to set up an oscilloscope to trigger on specific and unique signal problems. The Keysight Technologies, Inc. Zone Trigger, which is available as a standard feature in all InfiniiVision 3000T, 4000 and 6000 X-Series oscilloscopes, can be used in conjunction with conventional oscilloscope triggering to help zero-in on problem signals. If you can see the problem signal, then you can trigger on it using Zone Trigger.


The best way to understand what Zone Trigger can do for you is to see some examples. This application note will show the following four measurement applications:

  • Triggering on Non-monotonic Edges
  • Triggering on Setup & Hold Time Violations
  • Triggering on Isolated “Ones” and “Zeros”
  • Triggering on Serial Bus Arbitration


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Column Control DTX