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PXIe Optical Extenders for Instrumentation – Configuration Sheet

Configuration Guides


This configuration guide contains a step-by-step process to help you configure the family of PXI Optical Extenders including the use of the M9408A RF Reflectometer.

For more detailed product and specification information refer to Keysight Technologies, Inc. Optical Extensions for Instrumentation literature:

  • Keysight PXIe Optical Extenders for Instruments Datasheet (literature no. 5991-0383EN)
  • Keysight PXIe Optical Extenders for Instruments
  • Flyer (literature no. 5990-9069EN)

Configuration Steps

  • Select your modules
  • Configure your modules
  • Add the chassis
  • Consider additional accessories

The M9403A and M9404A complete an Optical Link. The optional M9405A can be added prior to or after the link or included within the M9403A or M9404A. The M9406A and M9407A Optical to USB modules enables you to extend control devices to remote locations such as:

  • USB mouse
  • USB keyboard
  • VGA display (using USB to VGA adapter)
  • Keysight PNA series electronic calibration modules
  • USB power sensor
  • Other USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant devices

The M9408A RF Reflectometer enables full port extension of a vector network analyzer with a configurable test set such as the PNA family of analyzers and can be used with the optical port extenders.

The M9404A is a single slot PXI module that converts the modulated optical signal back to RF. The conversion loss of the link with no amplification is ~30 dB. Refer to the technical support information for complete nominal performance information at http://cp.literature.keysight. com/litweb/pdf/5991-0383EN.pdf.


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