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Application Notes

The concept of getting the calibration you need has real-world implications. Recently, one of our customers shared its first-hand experience with calibration providers. The company was using a variety of Keysight Technologies, Inc. equipment to verify specific parameters and specifications in a range of end products. At the time, they were relying on a third-party provider that had been the lowest-cost bidder for calibration services. As a wave of instrument calibrations came due, the company asked Keysight to help interpret the trace reports that accompanied each instrument. Working with the customer’s quality team, our specialists helped identify the specific parameters that could actually be tested with the standards listed in the trace report. The result: Several key specs either couldn’t be tested or weren’t being tested. Consequently, the customer’s technical staff performed additional audits that revealed more problems. In the aftermath, the customer switched to Keysight as its calibration provider. As the original equipment manufacturer, Keysight is able to test more parameters and more points, and perform adjustments that bring out-of-alignment instruments back into spec. As a result, the customer is now receiving calibration services that meet or exceed the level of quality it expects in its test systems and end products.


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