Keysight Radar Recorder Z2099B System Family

Data Sheets

System Description


Keysight’s Radar Recorder (KRR) is a fully integrated wideband multi-channel system designed for recording and analysis of pulsed signals, targeted at the radar and EW markets. The system can be used as a threat simulation validation tool and to witness and verify the output of Electronic Attack systems. System capabilities include multi-channel, multi-bandwidth integrated RF recording, with real time measurement of pulsed RF and hours of RF data recording storage.

• The Keysight Radar Recorder provides the answers to your radar test questions:

• Was the correct signal generated at the correct time?

• Did the System Under Test (SUT) respond with the correct signal at the correct time?


Body Capabilities and Benefits


The Keysight Radar Recorder consists of the following set of capabilities and features:


Capabilities and features


Wideband, multi-channel

Simultaneous 2 channel recording for jammer input/output analysis.

Multi-band/channel spectrum recording

Real-time measurement and PDW scoring

Rapid verification of measured pulses against known reference. Provides confidence in testing.

Simultaneous recording and data offload

Provides faster time to insight; user can offload and analyze data from the first recording whilst capturing the second

Hours of RF data recording per channel

Flexibility to record longer sessions. Better use of valuable lab time.

Sophisticated analysis software

Viewing and analysis of large amounts of PDW data

Built-in system amplitude calibration

Accurate recording of the signals of interest


System options range from small, transportable systems (single input, limited analysis) to full system (multi input, maximum storage, complete analysis suite).

Based on COTs products and platforms

Low mean time to repair, high system uptime


Key Specifications


Specifications of the Keysight Radar Recorder include:




Frequency range

2 GHz to 18 GHz

Number of inputs

2 Channels. The number of inputs may be expanded with the addition of a custom switch matrix.

Selectable bandwidth

1 GHz / 400 MHz / 200 MHz / 30 MHz / 10 MHz

Minimum pulse width

< 25 ns

Recording length

Up to 3 hours (120TB max. memory)




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