Keysight’s Industrial  Tough Taps are TAA Compliant, independently certified, and purpose-built to meet your requirements to operate where you need them, in extreme operating temperatures. The Tough Taps provide reliable continuous visibility of 100% of network traffic to support performance and security with no network performance degradation or disruption.

  • passes all network traffic — not reliant on SPAN ports
  • compatible with standard copper and Fiber taps for comprehensive IT/OT visibility architecture
  • operates in harsh environments
  • DIN Rail Mountable
  • consistent form factor for copper and fiber
  • TAA compliant

Choose the Tough Tap That's Right for Your Industrial OT Environment

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Why Your ICS/OT SCADA Architecture Needs Visibility

There was a time when keeping your ICS environment physically off the enterprise network was a major component of the ICS cybersecurity strategy. 

And for years, it worked.

But in a world where just about everything is connected to the internet, that time has passed. Because hackers have already proven that the physical air gap can neither prevent malware intrusion nor identify malware once it gets inside your network.

A strong cybersecurity strategy for ICS must now include the ability to see what network traffic is flowing inside your entire network; both the IT enterprise network and the OT operational technology network. And we call that, Network Visibility. Why?

Because you can’t protect what you can’t see. Read Network Monitoring for Tough Spots

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