APS-100/400GE Series

APS-100/400GE Series

Industry's highest-scaling application and security test platform

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  • Simplify testing, upgrades, and management with single pane of glass web UI that provides one IP address for entire system
  • Maximize your test budget with a flexible grow-as-you-need model — APS-ONE-100 appliance in standalone mode or in a stacked system and path to 400GE QSFP-DD
  • Get unrivaled elephant flow performance of up to 75 Gbps per single TCP connection
  • Elevate encrypted traffic performance with an order of magnitude improvement – up to 100K TLS connections per second and 150 Gbps encrypted throughput per appliance
  • Test with hyperscale performance under realistic traffic conditions using Keysight's industry-leading application and security test application
  • Future-proof your investment with an upgrade path to multi-speed 400/100/50/40/25/10GE modes

Balancing Security + Performance in Hyperscale Networking

Digital transformation is impacting organizations of all sizes and comes at a time of increased user experience expectations whether at home or in the office. As network and data center operators embrace the hyperscale paradigm and encryption becomes the norm, NEMs must support unprecedented traffic volumes and ever-expanding attached surfaces. The key to differentiation is striking the right balance between security and user experience.

Keysight Data Center Infrastructure
APS Series application and security test platform

Modular and Flexible Hyperscale Test Platform

The APS Series is Keysight’s next-generation application and security test platform. It employs a modular approach that allows users to stack APS-ONE-100 appliances to linearly scale with up to 10 nodes managed by a single APS-M1010 controller. This allows users to recreate hyperscale test environments in a modular, grow-as-you-need approach.

The system is driven by Keysight’s industry-leading test solution for application delivery and security resiliency testing.


A single APS-ONE-100 delivers unparalleled real-world TLS performance of up to 100K TLS connections per second and 3.2M TLS concurrent connections and 150Gbps encrypted throughput. The ground-breaking scale of a 10-appliance system generates 1M TLS CPS, 32M TLS concurrent connections, 960 Gbps encrypted IPsec throughput, and 1.5 Tbps encrypted TLS throughput.

Watch this BreakingPoint Ultra-High Performance Test of FortiGate 7121F Enterprise Security Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Watch this BreakingPoint SSL Performance Test of FortiGate 7121F Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Keysight APS-M1010 Controller

Centralized Management

The APS-M1010 controller delivers centralized management and software updates for up to 10 compute nodes. Ten 10GE Ethernet ports on the back of the controller enable fast uplink connectivity and direct access to each APS-ONE-100 appliance, removing the need for intermediary Layer 2 switches and providing a single management IP address for the entire cluster.

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