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The Internet of Things changes everything. Smart devices today bring a new level of complexity in design, test, performance monitoring, and security. Our IoT test solutions span the network stack: from physical-layer signal integrity to application-layer load testing and security. You can build the Internet of Things that can scale with Keysight. Learn how you can be SMARTer with Keysight today.

Power up Your Smart Innovation

Tens of billions of IoT devices surround us today, and they will continue to proliferate. Design engineers and device manufacturers will face a considerable challenge in designing and testing these devices. The new level of complexity in design, test, validation, and security implementation requires the 5 C’s: connectivity, conformance, compliance, coexistence, and cybersecurity. 

Find out more about how to conquer your design and test challenges while staying ahead of the curve with the 5 C’s of IoT

Experience the IoT in Action

Are you constantly in a design and test battle with your IoT innovations? Connect with Keysight’s technical experts and learn how to combat your IoT design and test challenges with Keysight solutions.

Keysight's Comic Series is Here

Presenting TECC Force, a secret agency out to save the world with nothing but wit, grit, and a whole lot of Keysight tech. Follow TECC Force agents Minnie and Kane on an adventure into the unknown, one where engineering intelligence brings technological chaos into order.

Join Team TECC Force on their adventure in the comic, Conspiracy in Chaos.

Mission-Critical IoT Applications

Mission-critical IoT devices and networks must work longer and harder, without fail, in harsh environments and sometimes in remote locations. The requirements are demanding. But, with billions of IoT devices around the world today and hundreds more coming online each second, the business opportunities are tremendous.

As a leader in test and measurement, we can help you understand the challenges you will face in each segment of the mission-critical IoT ecosystem — device, wireless communications, and network. Keysight's end-to-end test solutions are designed to allow you to overcome these challenges and succeed in developing robust and secure mission-critical devices and networks.

Game On: Hunt for IoT Interference Monsters

Think you can take down the interference monsters? Think again. We have created this game to challenge your knowledge on the coexistence of IoT devices. See if you will emerge as the master of the hunt or be hunted by the interference monsters.

Good luck!

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