PathWave BenchVue Software

Software apps for easy instrument control and simplified automation.

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PC software to configure a wide range of instrument controls and measurements.

Quickly create automated test sequences with minimal instrument knowledge.

Intuitively control instruments, automate tests and perform in-depth analysis.

Key Features

Control Multiple Instruments

Easily connect, record results and visualize measurements across multiple instruments simultaneously, without the need for programming.

Access Integrated Apps

Choose from a wide array of apps with powerful features to simplify your test workflow — from measurement setups and automation to exporting data and analyzing in-depth results — in one software application. The apps support hundreds of Keysight instruments and are continually expanding.

Automate Test Sequences

Rapidly build custom test sequences with an intuitive interface to quickly create tests that used to require days of traditional programming. The integrated Test Flow app makes it simple to drag-and-drop controls or measurements into a sequence for rapid test development.

Analyze and Export Data

Get easy access to extensive data, screen captures, trace and measurement logging capabilities. Export your data in multiple formats in just a few clicks.

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Bundles are common configurations that support the latest standards and technologies.

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