Applications for accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and remote monitoring are game changers in the healthcare industry. Keysight helps reduce risks and amplify the chances for success with robust simulations and testing for many aspects of the medical system and device development efforts.

We have tailored end-to-end solutions across the workflow that includes accurate and reliable test, emulate, and measurement solutions, leading-edge automated software tests, and enterprise visibility and network security solutions.

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Innovation in Digital Healthcare

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Medical Systems: Develop and Test with Confidence

Medical imaging systems such as MRI and CT scan equipment or laparoscopy and endoscopy require electronic and measurement solutions with high accuracy and reliability across the product lifecycle. Learn how Keysight solutions reduce service times and help improve performance of medical imaging equipment.

Connected Medical Devices: Amplify Your Test Aptitude

Achieving the competing goals of efficacy, safety, and time to market requires more than just point solutions. Keysight’s portfolio of end-to-end test and measurement solutions and services will help you remain on schedule with better designs, fewer board spins, accelerated prototyping and validation, and manufacturing output that meets time, volume, and quality goals.

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Enhancing Patient Experience

Patient experience is a big factor in device efficacy. Automated software using artificial intelligence can both speed up the process and test many more instances of the patient experience.

Keysight offers intelligent, multi-platform support in device software testing. This includes testing for mobile, desktop, web, cloud, IoT, mainframe, and specialized hardware, with an AI-powered automation model. These advanced solutions can test functionality, performance, and usability through what the patient would experience on screen.

Healthcare IT: Frontline Defense with Zero Trust

Ensuring effective and secure communications in hospitals and clinics is an increasing challenge for healthcare IT professionals. Keysight solutions are used today by leading healthcare organizations to help solve many of the core components of a Zero Trust model, including device security, network security, visibility tools, and validation. In addition, Keysight solutions enable healthcare IT professionals to test and deploy software updates and critical patches with one test automation platform for optimized healthcare services without disruptions.


Services: Amplify Your Testing Competencies

Delivering safe and effective connected medical devices to market on time requires an accurate and dependable platform for test and measurement across your operations. Keysight empowers engineering teams with robust maintenance and asset management services along with direct access to Keysight’s global knowledge capital and resources. As your testing and calibration partner, Keysight ensures testing is accurate and precise, helping you accelerate development more effectively throughout the product lifecycle.

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