Healthcare organizations are facing a surge of network security risks. IoMT devices, remote employees, and the ever-increasing risk of ransomware attacks are leading organizations to adopt Zero Trust security models. Keysight solutions are used by leading Healthcare organizations to help solve many of the core components of a Zero Trust model: device security, network security, visibility tools, and validation

What You Need to Know for a Successful Zero Trust Security Deployment

The Zero Trust (ZT) model of security is increasingly being adopted by enterprise and healthcare security teams, and with good reason. Perimeter focused security architectures that default to high trust levels on internal networks are ill suited for today’s edgeless enterprises that increasingly support mobile and remote workers as well as large numbers of IoT devices. Learn how Keysight solutions support a Zero Trust model.

How to Mitigate Five IT Problems Affecting the Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry has been suffering from five major IT challenges over the recent years. Learn how Healthcare organizations can mitigate these challenges with Keysight Solutions

  • Reduce security breaches and increase patient privacy
  • Eliminate network blind spots
  • Transforming business to align with consumerization
  • Leverage technology for competitive advantage
  • Use technology to improve network performance

Visibility Solutions for Network and Application Performance

Healthcare has gone through rapid digital transformation in recent times. With networks growing as applications and connected devices are added at breakneck speeds, network performance and the ability to identify the root cause has been greatly affected. Having visibility into your network is key to optimize network traffic and security coverage. Keysight solutions help healthcare customers:

  • Resolve application performance bottlenecks
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Improve data center automation

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