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Extend your team, expand your reach, and scale your operations with Keysight managed​ services. From optimizing your test strategy to managing your operations, let Keysight​ experts tailor a solution to your unique needs. Scale your innovation​.

Consulting Services

Augment Your Team

Keysight experts, knowledgeable in advanced test methods and standards, can assist with device modeling, RF environment replication, compliance, and software optimization.

Let Keysight Metrology Experts Do Your Testing​

With Keysight's advanced facilities and expertise, you can stay ahead of the latest compliance requirements in EMC, product​ safety, environmental testing, automotive testing, and regulatory​ testing.

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Network/Security Services

Fast-track Your Network Test and Visibility Needs

Whether you need to expedite device modeling, replicate RF ​environments, achieve compliance and characterization of the latest​ technologies, or get the most out of your software and solution investment,​ Keysight experts who know advanced test methods and standards can help.​

Keysight engineers use state-of-the-art hardware and software to optimize your​ specific measurement needs and test strategies.​

Accelerate Your Software Test Automation Goals

The Keysight services​ team is ready to help you achieve your automation goals, whether onboarding Keysight Eggplant, training your team, integrating the software​ with other platforms or workflows, or overcoming challenges.

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