The F9681A manufacturing chamber is a compact solution for testing 5G mmWave devices when combined with a Keysight test set such as the E6681A EXM WB or the E7515E UXM 5G. Sized to fit in a rack or on a bench, the chamber is useful for repair, production, and bench-top testing.

Test each device antenna using up to four horn antennas pre-installed on the top, sides, and back of the chamber. Choose orthogonally-polarized dual horn antennas or circularly-polarized horn antennas. Adjust the positions of the horn antennas within the chamber to align with the device antennas using the supplied adjustment tool.

Simplify solution configuration with integrated switches verifying the behavior of every device antenna over the air without the need for re-connections. Automation is quick and easy with control through Ethernet for the pneumatic door and integrated mmWave switches.

Key Specifications

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