Keysight Strong – One Year After the Tubbs Fire in Northern California

It’s been one year since the tragic Tubbs fire spread through many Northern California neighborhoods, impacting the communities in unimaginable ways. While the fires are behind us, the impact on the area will never be forgotten, especially for the team at Keysight Technologies.

Please take a moment to view this moving video from the Keysight team, in which employees of the company and Keysight CEO Ron Nersesian take a look back at the disaster, but more importantly, how the company and its people continue to be Keysight Strong.

Our Mission

You Dream. We Test.

At Keysight, we are driven to deliver breakthrough solutions and trusted insight in electronic design, test, manufacture, and optimization to help customers accelerate the innovations that connect and secure the world.

Whether you are seeking to overcome barriers to innovation, transform your development processes, or simply be first and best in your market, Keysight’s solutions optimize networks, integrate workflows, and validate tomorrow’s technologies with unprecedented performance backed by decades of research and expertise.

Our Customers

Keysight customers are visionaries and innovators. They have achieved breakthroughs that advance technology, like covering the far reaches of the world with wideband satellite communications, driving data rates higher in 5G and beyond, ensuring solid connectivity and outstanding experience for wireless and IoT devices, realizing new levels of cloud computing, enabling the connected car, and much more.

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Our Contribution

Product and Technology Leadership

Measure today’s and tomorrow’s most complex signals with leading-edge performance.

A Strong Software Franchise

Accelerate development with end-to-end design simulation software and hundreds of measurement applications.

A Comprehensive Set of Services and Solutions

Achieve remarkable results with industry and custom solutions, test process, and operations optimization.

A Closer Look at Keysight

Market Leader with 75+ Years of Expertise

What started in the original Silicon Valley garage has transformed into a world-renowned think tank for design, measurement, and cybersecurity intelligence research, birthed numerous product categories, and helped advance the world’s disruptive technologies. At Keysight, we have a decades-long track record of helping customers create, innovate, and deliver what’s next.

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Global Headquarters

Ron Nersesian
President and CEO

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How We Operate

Keysight's Leadership Model

Keysight's Leadership Model (KLM) is the company's enabler to continuously deliver greater value to customers, shareholders, and employees. It is the philosophy that permeates every aspect of our operations — driving innovation, speed, and excellence in execution.

We're committed to building a better planet

We’re driven, curious, and collaborative. We’re obsessed with the future of technology. But we don’t stop there. We are involved.

We nurture the next generation of engineers. We help our neighbors and communities across the globe. With a global corporate responsibility framework for ethical, environmentally-sustainable, and socially-responsible operations, we are singularly focused on connecting and securing the world for a better planet.

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