Genesys Signal Control Synthesis

Genesys Signal Control Synthesis cuts design time by synthesizing a variety of lumped and distributed circuits that route the flow of power through an RF network. With just a few mouse clicks, RF circuit and system designers synthesize lumped and distributed topologies for couplers, splitters, baluns, and attenuators for wireless and aerospace/defense applications.

Productivity for RF Component designers


RF component designers use Signal Control Synthesis to accelerate the design of the system building blocks used in a variety of industries – aerospace/defense, wireless, satellite communications, and high-speed data networking. The circuit structures created with Signal Control Synthesis can be used for telemetry, radars, radios, base stations, microwave hybrids, SIPs, measurement applications, systems integration, and much more.

Signal Control Synthesis creates these components


  • Splitters
    - 0 deg – Wilkinson, Transformer, Resistive
    - 90 deg – Branch Line, lumped, Lange coupler, Backward wave, Broadside Coupled Lines
    - 180 deg – Race, Transformer
  • Directional Couplers – Branch Line, Lange, Backward Wave (7 types), Broadside Coupled Lines
  • Balun – Coupled Line, Transformer, Lumped, Half Wave, Quarter Wave Coax
  • Attenuator – Resisitive, Resistive Film

Because Signal Control Synthesis is tightly integrated within the Genesys environment, you also have access to a full RF environment for optimization, yield, SMT parts libraries, Layout, as well as integration with nonlinear simulators, planar EM, and system simulation.

Genesys Signal Control Synthesis

This powerful systhesis capability is available in the following Genesys bundles:

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