A. First, download the system, library, graphics, and language software files for your oscilloscope from the Documents & Downloads section below to a USB mass storage device.

B. Then, install the system, library, graphics, and language software files, in order, using the following steps. Always install the system software file first.

  1. With the oscilloscope powered on, insert the USB mass storage device into the oscilloscope's USB port on the front panel.
  2. On the oscilloscope's front panel, press Utility, then press File Explorer and navigate to the USB mass storage device. (To update software on a 6000L Series oscilloscope you must start a Remote Front Panel session through the oscilloscope's Web interface, as described in the 6000 Series Oscilloscopes User's Guide.)
  3. Use the oscilloscope's File Explorer to navigate to the file on the USB mass storage device.
  4. Press the Load File softkey on the oscilloscope's front panel and follow the displayed instructions to load the software.
  5. The oscilloscope will begin loading the new file, and a progress bar will be displayed to signify that the oscilloscope is being re-programmed. This process may take a few minutes. Do not shut off the power while the file is loading. Please note that a power loss at this time may cause the instrument to become inoperable. If you have problems, select the "If you have problems loading software" link (below).
  6. The oscilloscope will automatically re-boot when system, library, or graphics software files are installed. To see if the oscilloscope requires re-calibration, press Utility > Service > User Cal Status. If "Results: OK" is displayed, you do not need to recalibrate. If calibration is required, press the Start User Cal softkey.

If you have problems installing software Click here