Model Quality Assurance (MQA)The Model Quality Assurance (MQA) 2007.2.0 software release includes a number of improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • EQV failed when the model file is not in the same directory as the project file
  • When the model file has the same model name (e.g. mosmodel is "n", subcktmodel is "n") at same corner lib, the report function will show an error
  • Vth_satcalculation issue
  • Default ¡®DeviceNodNum'is set to 4 when creating a diode project (this number should be 2, it will run but fail when set to 4)
  • Load titan model issue
  • In Model QA Report, if the compared model is global model, MQA will crash

Known Issues

  • The function "View in one page" will not work
  • "Model viewer" and "model diff" cannot support Capacitor, Resistor & Inductor models.
  • inline model, cannot do "Compare Value"in "model diff"
  • Export to function does not support Range Check (3D plot)
  • Equation Viewer cannot support SOI node=5,6,
  • There is a hard limit for MQA to display the results, 30M is the critical size for a single result file

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