Software Release Date: November 2006
5DX System Requirements: Series 3 & Series 5000
Controller Requirements: Kayak XU800 or greater
Operating System: Windows XP ® Professional Service Pack 2
Software Requirements: 8.31

The Keysight 5DX 8.4 software release demonstrates the continued innovation and commitment to improvement in X-ray inspection by Keysight. Some specific elements of the software are that it –

  • affords customers the ability to inspect Quad-Flat-No Lead packages with low false calls with a specialized QFN Algorithm
  • provides defect characterization on non-wetted Direct FETS by utilizing an open slope paste test which was not previously possible
  • utilizes a new threshold which has the ability to inspection for solder presence along the side edges of a capacitor rather than just the ends of a capacitor

Getting started on the 5DX and TDW

To start the installation of your 8.4 software, load the 5DX & TDW System Software Version 8.4 (N7200-19532) into the CD-Rom drive, and follow the installation instructions found on the CD cover insert. After you have installed the software, the system will automatically reboot.

Single TDW & 5DX Media: A single CD is now used to install either the 5DX update or TDW update. The installation will automatically determine whether the system is a TDW or a 5DX and install the appropriate software.

Required operating system service packs: For users of Windows XP Professional, you must have Windows XP Service Pack 2 prior to installing 8.4. The 8.4 software installation will not run unless Service Pack 2 is first setup on Windows XP Pro. For Windows NT ® users, you must have Service Pack 6a, or the installation will not continue. The installation will not continue on any systems that are currently running Windows 2000.

Do You Need an Entitlement Certificate?

If you have not installed a previous version of the 8.x software for the 5DX or versions 8.31/8/25 for the TDW you will be required to load the license from the Entitlement Certificate. If you cannot find the Entitlement Certificate, please contact your local sales engineer.

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