What are You Focused on Today?

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Threat Hunting, Incident Response

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Maintaining Security Posture While Migrating Workloads

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Improving Analytics With Clean Data

Ask Yourself...

How critical is network-level visibility for your goals?

How about doing this at scale and on a budget?

The right visibility platform can enable your security and cloud teams to handle all these priorities at once.

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Packet Data Empowers Soc and Noc of the Largest Cloud Companies

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Ixia Visibility Fabric Diagram

KEYSIGHT Solutions Enable Everything You Need, End-To-End

Keysight Visibility Fabric is a Solid Foundation Across a Dynamic Landscape of Monitored Infrastructures.


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No More Hard Choices Between Cost and Functionality

With Ixia's Vision Operating System, you can always choose the right tools for the right job.

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Need scale at low cost?

Use It With White Box Switches

CloudLens Multi-Platform Capability

Require advanced packet processing, like de-duplication at line rate?

Add Purpose-Built Network Packet Brokers

Data Access Anywhere

Not ready for disaggregated model?

Choose Appliances Built on Off-The-Shelf Hardware

Keysight Vision Foundation


  • Eliminates resource constraints
  • No need for a dedicated person


  • Share the visibility fabric with multiple teams
  • All teams can effectively use it
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Vision E40 - VLAN 1-3, 3-6 and TCP configuration diagram

What You Get

Zero-Touch Provisioning

  • Power-on to production in 5 minutes
  • Dynamically builds configuration

IxVision-ZTA Framework

  • Centralized policy manager
  • Open-sourced via OpenIxia @ GitHub
  • Ansible Playbooks and Modules

Built-In Automation

  • Automated change orchestration
  • Intelligent API keeps scripting agile
Ixia Vision NPB diagram

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