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Frequently Asked Questions: Teaching Solutions

A teaching lab is a facility equipped with tools, apparatus, test instruments, and courseware for educational purposes. These labs are usually located in schools, colleges, and universities.

For example, an electrical engineering lab has basic workbenches equipped with measurement instruments such as oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies, and digital multimeters. There are common component racks and shelves with many drawers to store various electrical components such as diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors, and integrated circuits. There are also instruction materials to guide students in performing practical experiments to complement their theoretical coursework.

Hybrid learning and blended learning are interchangeable terms, which refer to a learning process that combines both in-person classroom teaching and online digital learning experiences simultaneously. This hybrid approach often creates a more effective learning experience because it allows students more flexibility and better engagement over time.

An engineering teaching lab management is a continuous process of logistical administration and preparation to ensure the teaching lab is in tip-top condition and operates smoothly and effectively to support the learning objectives of students and the instructional goals of the engineering curriculum.

Good engineering teaching lab management software tools, such as the Digital Learning Suite or PathWave Lab Management software, allow educators or lab managers to help keep inventory, maintain, and calibrate test tools on a timely basis. It can also help schedule lab resources to ensure effective usage while educators can concentrate on teaching their students.

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