Roughly 50% of IoT devices come from companies less than 3 years old. Many have been thoroughly tested. Those that have not, may behave erratically or be malicious agents designed to bring down your network. Without proper testing, you have no way of knowing what you are up against.

How thoroughly have you tested your network reliability and traffic load-bearing capability? Can your security systems handle distributed denial of service attacks, exploits, malware, and fuzzing? As you work to ensure your network is up to the task of the IoT, Keysight has the solutions and expertise to help you handle the load, while keeping your network secure.

Realize Network Reliability and Security

The network provides the foundation of the IoT. Ensuring its reliability and security are crucial. Keysight's solutions allow you to test for both reliability and security in the lab, where you can push the limits of performance and capacity with realistic traffic. You’ll learn where your device and application will fail by simulating dozens, thousands, or even millions of connections. Once you deploy, you can monitor the IoT application continuously to ensure secure operation.

Measure QoE

As the IoT grows, so too will demand on the network. How it scales and the user’s experience during scale, will be critical in determining the IoT’s global proliferation and success. To deliver the best user experience, organizations need to meet stringent network quality requirements.

The challenge is how to properly test business-critical applications so that consumer quality of experience (QoE) isn’t put at risk. Keysight's solution, which scales with your infrastructure, delivers comprehensive performance testing for validating user QoE. It enables realistic application testing and QoE modeling. Real-time QoE metrics let you quickly identify network degradations and isolate breaking points. With this scalable and easy to use solution, you don’t have to be a protocol expert to achieve complete end-to-end service validation.

Perform End-to-End Testing

Ensuring that all elements of the solution stack work correctly and that IoT solutions meet quality requirements can be challenging. Coexistence with LTE and 5G user traffic, diverse development technologies, and functionality spanning many layers all make it difficult to introduce consistent strategies for testing IoT. In this environment, end-to-end (E2E) system testing—application layer stimulus to the PHY measurement or vice versa—is essential. Keysight's solutions provide a cross-layer measurement capability that enables E2E testing. Whether testing PCIe protocol-level signaling using a physical-layer BERT test solution or oscilloscope, these solutions help you ensure your IoT system-level integrity.

Lights. Camera. IoT Action.

IoT Education Hub: Network and System Test

Ensuring a network is up to the task of the IoT can be a daunting task. It requires more than a keen understanding of the challenges you’ll face, and selection of the right solutions. You need to know how to use those solutions to solve your challenges, and the best measurement tips and practices to follow.

The IoT Education Hub offers you access to the latest educational resources on IoT network and system testing. Gain access to valuable “how-to” information and learn how you can ensure your IoT networks are reliable, secure, and able to scale.

Let Keysight’s IoT Education Hub help you realize the promise of IoT today.

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