A400GE-QDD Layer 1 BERT and KP4 FEC Test

Layer 1 BERT and KP4 FEC multiport test system

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  • Excellent test platform for 400GE communications devices and hardware ports that use the 8x56Gb/s electrical interface with PAM4 encoding that is IEEE 802.3bs and IEEE 802.3cd compliant
  • A highly intuitive web browser UI supported by Google Chrome makes BER and FEC testing truly fast and simple
  • The Layer 1 classical BERT capability is extended with the ability to send PRBS patterns and it generates per-lane BER measurements and statistics
  • PRBS pattern generation includes PRBS31Q, PRBS-23Q, PRBS-20Q, PRBS-15Q, PRBS-13Q, PRBS-11Q, PRBS-9Q, and PRBS-7Q
  • Field upgradable to support interconnection and synchronization with Keysight’s M8040A High Performance BERT analyzer
  • Support for optical transceiver and copper cable interconnects
Find FEC problems in minutes, not hours

Find BER and FEC Problems Fast-Anytime, Anywhere

400 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) technologies based on the 56Gb/s electrical lane signaling rates have exponentially increased the complexity of developing stable port electronics in all networking devices. The challenge is characterizing and quantifying the actual bit error rate (BER) and forward error correction (FEC) performance of silicon devices, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), fiber and copper interconnects, optical transceivers, and port electronics.

Introducing A400GE-QDD, our new solution to identify 400GE BER and FEC problems quickly. Evaluate new optical transceiver and copper cable interconnect BER anytime, anywhere with a browser-based single page application (SPA), system-view of all the BERT and FEC statistics of all the lanes, all at once, in real time.

A Quick ROI and Upgrades to Grow with Your Needs

With A400GE-QDD, you have the critical return on investment (ROI) for today's and tomorrow's test needs. A400GE-QDD upgrades quickly and easily extend the reuse of the base chassis system with the ability to field-upgrade any A400GE-QDD 2-port model to a full 4-port model. You can also field-upgrade any 2- or 4-port model to add the RS-544 FEC (KP4) test capability. Mix and match whatever upgrades you require, whenever you need them.

Quick ROI with Upgrades to Grow with Your Needs
Dedicated, Compact BERT and FEC Test System

Dedicated, Compact BERT, and FEC Test System

The base chassis is provided with the Layer 1 BERT 400GE test software, KiOS. The Google Chrome browser-based user interface (UI) makes set up easy so you can start testing within minutes. An optional RS-544 (KP4) FEC test capability simplifies FEC lanes testing. Keysight's FEC codeword bit-error distribution analysis (the FEC tail) shows the BER performance and other advanced measurements when it comes time to perform long-duration and stress tests; it cannot be made any easier.

A400-QDD's line-rate signal generation is used to characterize and quantify the actual BER and FEC performance. It also tests interconnect interoperability for all types of networking devices and equipment. This provides your development teams the test capabilities to quickly pinpoint problems and to validate and qualify excellent BER performance.

High-Performance BERT Analyzer Synchronization

The A400GE-QDD can be upgraded in the field to support interconnection and synchronization with Keysight’s M8040A High-Performance BERT analyzer. The combined system (part number N4891A) is a symbol striped FEC-aware physical layer BER tester. It is a solution for 400GE characterization and compliance test to perform physical layer channel stress and impairment of a channel. Additionally, optical receiver stress testing (ORST) may be performed.

Keysight N4891A 400GBASE FEC-aware compliance test solution 

Best of Show Award, Runner Up

N4891A, right front view

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