PathWave ADS 2023 for High-Speed Digital Design

PathWave ADS 2023 is the latest release of Keysight’s EDA software for high-speed digital design. PathWave ADS provides a powerful, integrated design and simulation environment to create digital twins and handle the complexities of today’s memory design and SerDes standards. The design environment helps you perform advanced measurements, run faster simulations, and gain critical insights to overcome signal integrity and power integrity challenges.


CA/Data Bus Pre-Layout Builder

Memory Design

PathWave ADS for memory design minimizes your engineering effort when setting up and extracting EM models, simulating buses, and performing DDR5 compliance testing on virtual waveforms. New Highlights:

  • Two new memory standards (HBM3 and LPDDR5x) add to expanding range of memory system implementations already in PathWave ADS: (LP)DDR4, (LP)DDR5, GDDR6, GDDR7, HBM2/2E
  • Memory Designer Pre-layout Builder (W3077E) enables designers to quickly generate wide buses of memory signals (parameterized signal traces and vias) and easily create flexible schematics to explore trade-offs in your system design

Design Cloud

Keysight Design Cloud is a new user-experience for cloud and high-performance computing (HPC). It enables you to Simulate More and Wait Less. New Highlights:

  • Cloud-based High-Performance Computing for Memory Designer circuit simulations and EM simulations provide parallel processing for an 80% reduction in simulation times
  • Easily launch unlimited cloud hardware from your laptop in minutes, with Keysight’s turn-key cloud partner, Rescale
Design Cloud

Design Cloud for cloud-based high-performance computing

SerDes PCIe Gen 6 reference channel model

Signal Integrity

Getting simulation models from silicon/chip vendors can be tough. Leap starting your design with standard-specific Transmitter/Receiver models, and reference channel models, your new design is now a big step ahead. Later you can replace the standards-based models with your actual silicon vendor models to improve the quality of your digital twin. New Highlights: 

  • New AMI Modelers for PCIe Gen 5/6, USB4, and Ethernet uniquely provide a compete reference channel digital twin to obtain a more realistic simulation faster

Power Integrity

PathWave ADS is an integrated environment for circuit and EM simulation of PCBs, making it simple to consume EM models in transient and frequency simulations. New Highlights:

  • Find, troubleshoot and analyze the source of Conducted and Radiated EMI leakage issues
  • Make CISPR 25 EMI standards compliance tests
  • Determine the impact on large signal switching ripple and conducted EMI with automated digital twin test bench setup which sweeps component parameters
Power Integrity

Conducted EMI with PIPro

On-Demand Release Webinar: PathWave ADS 2023 for High-Speed Digital Design and Simulation

PathWave ADS 2023 is the next major release of Advanced Design System.

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