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Keysight Technologies is a pioneer in automotive solutions that help engineers design, test, and validate the latest innovations in automotive electronics. Keysight covers all aspects of automotive development, from radar and cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) to automotive Ethernet and e-mobility. Keysight’s automotive solutions include: Automotive Radar: Keysight provides automotive radar design and test solutions to help engineers generate and characterize accurate wide bandwidth millimeter-wave signals. These solutions minimize propagation loss, phase noise, IQ / frequency response errors, and noise on evaluation modules. They also enable radar target simulation, radar conformance test, SystemVue automotive radar simulation library, and lidar target simulation solution. C-V2X: Keysight offers the only solution in the industry that tracks evolving C-V2X requirements. The SA8700A C-V2X test solution simplifies C-V2X protocol, emulates GNSS signals, and is future-ready for 5G New Radio V2X. Keysight also offers test-as-a-service to help engineers quickly deploy technologies that enable advanced audiovisual capabilities. Automotive Ethernet: Keysight offers solutions that automate the testing and validation of automotive Ethernet designs. These solutions ensure proper test configuration and valid, repeatable measurement results. They also help engineers comply with the IEEE standard for automotive Ethernet, which demands rigorous verification using test cases that cover transmitters, receivers, and harness / connector assemblies. E-Mobility: Keysight helps engineers design, test, and manufacture innovative electronics for renewable energy integration, advancement in battery technology, the rapid development of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, and charging systems compatibility. Keysight’s e-mobility solutions include Scienlab test solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles and the power grid, PD1500A double pulse tester for wide-bandgap power devices, BT2200 lithium-ion cell-formation solution, lithium-ion battery self-discharge measurement solutions, and PV8900 Series photovoltaic array simulator. Automotive Cybersecurity: Keysight provides the SA8710A Automotive Cybersecurity Penetration Test Platform that adds consistency and value to help engineers meet best practices for cybersecurity test and prepare for industry-wide standards. It combines hardware security validation with software to stress-test the potential attack interfaces against a dynamic application and threat intelligence library. To learn more about how Keysight can help you with your automotive challenges with network security, performance, and compliance, visit You can also contact your local Keysight office for more information on Keysight’s products, applications or services. The complete list of Keysight offices is available at
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