The Keysight SL1212A is 1200 VAC, 32 A, 45 kW / 68 kVA, 3-Phase AC Emulator in a 1.3 m rack. Add Option SDC and operate as a ±1000 V, ±90 A, 60 kW, regenerative DC power supply / electronic load.


Meet the SL1200A Series Scienlab Regenerative 3-Phase AC Emulator

The SL1200A series was designed to handle all your 3-phase AC test needs up to 1200 VAC, from 30 kVA to 630 kVA without the need for a transformer. Two voltage ranges are available: 600 VAC and 1200 VAC. The 600 VAC models are ideal for low voltage inverter test as well as EV and EVSE charging test applications. The 1200 VAC models allow for (HVRT) testing at the IEC LV-AC limit without the need for a large, complex test setup.

  • Covers AC test needs; up to 1200 VL-L; up to 130 A; up to 630 kVA
  • Achieve 1200 VL-L at full specifications without extra equipment, such as a transformer
  • Save energy with 100% regenerative (bidirectional) power solution with > 85% efficiency
  • Get up and running immediately with intuitive soft front panel (SFP)
  • Feel confident with complete, one-vendor solution of hardware, software, consulting, and support services worldwide for many applications, such as EVSE / EV charging test

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