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Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser

Keysight Protocol Analyzer and Protocol Exerciser

Keysight Protocol Analyzer is an advanced verification system that allows you to capture the data traffic generated by various protocols, such as PCI Express (PCIe), Advanced Switching Interconnect (ASI), and Fibre Channel (FC). It also enables you to view and analyze the captured data to identify problems, find their root cause, and troubleshoot them. This makes Protocol Analyzer a very effective tool to control as well as speed the development and testing of the PCIe, ASI, and FC protocols.

As your design includes multi gigabit serial interconnect standards, Keysight protocol analyzer and exerciser products are the most effective solution to debug, validate and optimize semiconductors, software and system that use serial protocol standards for computer, storage, display, mobile and embedded systems.

Keysight’s protocol test solutions for each technology typically consists of both protocol analyzer application as well as a stimulus solution, such as an exerciser or traffic generator. Keysight’s protocol test solutions combine multi-protocol analysis, traffic generation, performance and conformance verification to debug, validate and optimize your designs using high speed protocol standards.

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Keysight N2X Chassis(N5540A, N5541A and N5542A) - Data Sheet
The most powerful, scalable, and realistic multi-port test system for verifying the ultimate performance of multi-service networks and devices.

Data Sheet 2007-03-16